Bath Time

Starring Scratch Cat!

Scratch Cat hates taking a bath! Click on the bubbles to keep them away from Scratch Cat. The game is over when a bubble touches Scratch Cat.

Click on the "START" button above to get started. Then, when the game is over, click the green flag to start again.



CodeLab 4.0 Released
(September 5, 2018)
This latest release of CodeLab for Paint.NET includes the Notepad++ editor and a full WYSIWYG help editor.

HTML Editor 1.5 Released
(March 31, 2016)
This latest release is a complete rewrite adding a wysiwyg editor mode and a much improved UI.

Double-Six Dominoes 3.0
(September 25, 2015)
This long-awaited refresh of the most popular dominoes game on is now available!