Cribbage Solitaire

Almost as fun as Cribbage itself!

This is a remake of a game by mdusoe. I loved his game so much, but it had a few bugs in it so I fixed it up... (well, to be honest, only his code for counting 15s remains--brilliant stuff!)

Here is a page on how to score Cribbage hands.

The goal, of course, is to top 121 points (a full Cribbage game). If you beat the game, you'll see a nice display! I'll tell you right now, it is not easy. It is possible, I've beaten the game many times. But, I've also gone a couple dozen games without a win.

When the game is over, click the green flag to play again.

Enjoy. I know I will! (I play this game more than all my other games combined.)



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