The Turk

Chess Playing Machine

You will need to Shift-Click the green flag to enable Turbo Mode... otherwise it will play really slowly.

Challenge The Turk to a game of chess, or press the "see inside" button to learn about The Turk.

Did you know that The Turk was the first chess playing computer and it was built in 1770?

Learn this and other interesting facts! (And, a shocking secret!)

Then, when you are ready, challenge The Turk to a real game of chess!

Can you beat him?

-The Turk uses a small opening book which I designed myself.
-The Turk uses the MiniMax algorithm with a 3-ply or a 4-ply search depth. It considers about 25,000 or 800,000 board positions per turn based on ply.
-Once the game has started, click the wrench icon to adjust the difficulty (ply). The 3-Ply engine takes ~15-20 seconds per turn. The 4-Ply engine takes ~3-4 minutes per turn.
-Castling and en passant captures supported.
-Click the "See Inside" button for a brief history of The Turk.
-Pawn promotions are limited to Queen.
-If you leave yourself in "check" The Turk will capture your king without warning.
-Development time: ~30 hours



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