My Home in the Woods

And how the Caldor Fire took it away

I have a house in the woods at about 4,000 ft. elevation. It is a cute little house with a HUGE garage/workshop. I have lived there for over 25 years.


It is located in a small comunity of about 1,200 people.

The house is located just a few blocks from the National forest and therefore we get to see lots of different types of animals.




Unfortunatly, on the evening of August 17, 2021, a fire was burning a few miles away and it was heading our direction.

I was not home that night, but a local police officer banged on the door with a warning to evacuate the area as the fire was getting really close.


That was the last image I ever received from my security cameras.

The fire swept through our comunity that night and burned my house and garage to the ground. There was nothing left to salvage.









Fortunatly, as I said, I was not home that night. After retiring from my job at Intel, I got a job in Roseville, CA and the commute would have been just too much for me daily. I was staying at my appartment in Roseville.

The family and pets are all safe. But, we lost a lifetime of trinkets and memories plus a huge music CD and DVD collection and of course the priceless items like the blanket my grangmother made for me. I, honestly, hadn't moved much from the house to the appartment.

It took several months, but I was finally allowed back to the property.


I had the property cleared and prepped for rebuilding...








And, that's how it sits today.

I really miss my cute little house.






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