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Help File

(This help file is for version 1.4)
Program Menus

New           >
Save As...


    These menu items act exactly as you would expect.

New starts a new blank document. The New submenu contains several document templates.
Open a file dialog box.
Save your file. You will be prompted for the name if you have not saved it yet. You will also be prompted if the file already exists.
Save As... will always prompt you for the file name. You will also be prompted if the file already exists.

Print... opens the traditional print dialog box. From there you can select a printer and page orientation.

Exit will close the application. If you have not saved your document, you will be prompted.

Hide Help
Hide Preview


aAuto Complete
    These menu items control the user interface of the editor.

Hide Help hides or shows the help window.
Hide Preview hides or shows the preview window. It is important to hide the preview window whenever you are editing javascript within your web page.

Preview opens your current document in a web browser.

Auto Complete when selected will automatically complete HTML tags as you type.

Table         >
Bullet List   >
Number List >
New Line
Hard Space
    These menu items insert various codes into your web page.

Table wizard prompts you for the number of columns and rows, then builds an entire table for you.
Bullet List wizard prompts you for the number of items in your list, then builds the list for you.
Number List wizard prompts you for the number of items in your list, then builds a numbered list for you.

New Line inserts the <BR> tag
Hard Space inserts the &nbsp; code
Separator inserts the <HR> tag

The Insert menu also includes various symbols (©, ®, ™, →, etc.) that you can insert into your document.

The Table, Bullet List, and Number List submenus contain several templates to choose from when inserting these items.

    These menu items provide you more information.

Help shows the help window (if it was hidden) and displays the help index.
About shows the program's about box.

The Button Bar

Here is the button bar. Float your mouse over each button to see what it does:

 ||   ||     ||    ||        ||  

I used this editor to create many web pages. It really is that small, and it really does work. J





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