BoltBait's FREE Paint.NET Plugins

Download these or create your own!

I just love the free paint program Paint.NET. The program is extensible and I have written several effect plugins that you can download and use.

>> Download or learn how to create your own plugins. <<

If you need help installing effects, read: Installing Paint.NET Effects.

Once you get these plugins installed and you've played with them for a while, please consider sending me a few dollars via PayPal. Although I allow these to be downloaded and used for free, if you value them and would like to see me create more plugins for Paint.NET, fill out the form below:


I don't get many donations, so I totally appreciate every one! Thank you for taking the time to consider this. The suggested donation is $5. However, if you feel that that is too high or too low, feel free to adjust the dollar amount before pressing the donate button.

Plugin Pack Contents

Once installed correctly in Paint.NET, these plugins will show up under either the Adjustments menu or the Effects menu. (Sometimes the effects will be located in submenus under the Effects main menu.)

The pack contains the following 14 plugin files with 19 effects:

Adjustments menu
Color Balance - Easily adjust the tint of an image.
Transparency - Adjust the transparency of a selection.

Effects menu
Flip Horizontal - Flips the selection on the vertical axis.
Flip Vertical - Flips the selection on the horizontal axis.

Effects > Artistic menu
Dream - Your picture looks like it was seen in a dream.

Pastel - Your picture looks like it was drawn with pastel chalk.

Effects > Blurs menu
Gaussian Blur+ - Blur only the R, G, B, or Alpha channel of the image.

Effects > Object menu

An "object" is a group of pixels on a layer that is completely surrounded by transparent pixels (or the edge(s) of the canvas). These are useful when doing "cutouts" or with text on a new layer.

Feather - Softens the edges of objects.
Old Feather - Softens the edges of objects.
Outline - Outlines the object with the selected color.

Paste Alpha - Takes the image on the clipboard, converts it to B&W, then applies it as an alpha mast to the current layer.

Switch Alpha to Gray - Creates an alpha mask out of the current layer.

Switch Gray to Alpha - Removes black or white from your image.

Effects > Photo menu
Combined Adjustments - Many adjustments for photos all on one screen.
Sharpen Landscape - Your photos look like they belong in a magazine!

Seam Carving - Resize your photographs without squishing the objects in the photograph.

Effects > Render menu
Polygon / Stars - Render triangles, pentagons, hexagons, stars, etc.
Flames - Set your pictures on fire!

Effects > Selection menu

Effects in this menu perform their effect by following the selection outline (marching ants, in the old Paint.NET versions). While they will work with a square selection (or no selection by using the edges of the canvas as their path), they are more interesting when the selection is curved, selected by hand, or by magic wand.

Bevel Selection - Give your selection a 3D look.
Blur Selection Edge - Similar to feather but when transparency isn't an option.
Feather Selection - Soften the edges of your selection.
Outline Selection - Outline the selection with the selected color.




CodeLab 6.6 Released
(August 9, 2022)
This latest release of CodeLab for Paint.NET includes the ability to edit shape files, TXT files, and write file type plugins. It also features the Roslyn C# compiler.

Double-Six Dominoes 3.1
(May 10, 2021)
This long-awaited refresh of the most popular dominoes game on is now available!

HTML Editor 1.5 Released
(March 31, 2016)
This latest release is a complete rewrite adding a wysiwyg editor mode and a much improved UI.