Building a Pinball Cabinet

Step 1: Research

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My first thought was to use an old i3 laptop I had and the 27" monitor as a playfield (similar to the Mini-Cabinet in the Coding Horror story).  I grabbed that and an old 4:3 monitor I had laying around and set it up.



I did a quick Google search and found a free pinball game on Steam.  I installed that and tried it out:


It was amazing!  Wow, this really is going to work.

I did a bunch more research (youtube videos, forum posts, etc.) and discovered Visual Pinball and the vpforums.  There they have hundreds of tables you can download for free.  This includes all the classic tables you remember playing as well as some incredible original tables.






CodeLab 6.12 Released
(February 11, 2024)
This latest release of CodeLab for Paint.NET includes the ability to write GPU accelerated plugins.

Double-Six Dominoes 3.1
(May 10, 2021)
This long-awaited refresh of the most popular dominoes game on is now available!

HTML Editor 1.5 Released
(March 31, 2016)
This latest release is a complete rewrite adding a wysiwyg editor mode and a much improved UI.